H. pylori is a common type of bacteria that grows in the digestive tract and has a tendency to attack the stomach lining. It infects the stomachs of roughly 60 percent trusted Source of the world’s adult population. H. pylori infections are usually harmless, but they’re responsible for the majority of ulcers in the stomach … Continue reading

Helicobacter Pylori Test Card

H pylori; is a microorganism showing host and tissue tropism that can colonize all parts of gastric cell metaplasia, especially in the antrum and corpus regions of the stomach. Although the prevalence of H. pylori, which is estimated to be colonized in the stomach by an average of 50% of people all over the world, … Continue reading

Helicobacter Pylori

Helicobacter pylori (Helicobacter pylori- Hp) is a gram (-) microaerophilic bacterium located in various areas of the stomach and duodenum. Its presence causes chronic inflammation. As a result of this chronic inflammation, duodenal ulcer, stomach ulcer and stomach cancer may develop. Rapid urease test is to detect the present of this bacteria in a biopsy … Continue reading