Helicobacter Pylori Test Card

H pylori; is a microorganism showing host and tissue tropism that can colonize all parts of gastric cell metaplasia, especially in the antrum and corpus regions of the stomach. Although the prevalence of H. pylori, which is estimated to be colonized in the stomach by an average of 50% of people all over the world, varies between symptomatic and asymptomatic groups, this rate varies between 60-85% in developing countries. However, prevalence has declined to 10-30% with the most important and successful eradication studies given to personal hygiene in developing countries. Similarly, the incidence rate is as high as 3-10% / year in developing countries, while the incidence rate in developed countries has decreased to 0.5%. These reported rates reveal the fact that Helicobacter pylori (H. pylori)infections and complications are primarily a problem in developing countries.

Rapid Urease Test: It is a test based on the principle of H.pylori urease activity in gastric biopsy samples. Hydrolysis of the urea used in the test medium by the urease enzyme of H. pylori in the sample yields ammonia and increases the pH of the medium to alkaline pH, resulting in change in a color indicator (phenol red or bromine thymol blue) .The sensitivity of the tests varies according to the bacterial load in the stomach. Hp fast urease test should be incubated for two hours at room temperature (22 ° C). Cheap, fast and easy to apply.

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